We’re excited to release a new and improved with more detailed information about the Kwikswap ecosystem and token exchanges. For this release we focused providing more complete and accurate data, better UI/UX and the ability to buy and sell tokens with the Kwikswap iframe integration.

Keep reading below for a breakdown of the new features.

Overview Page

We’ve built a new overview page with high level data about exchanges on Kwikswap. Detailed stats like 24 hour volume, total liquidity and daily transactions are now available at a glance. We’ve also listed the top exchanges sortable by price, volume, liquidity and more to help you explore different aspects of the most active pools.

Exchange Pages

We’ve updated the design to give you a better overview of the exchange price and performance including 24 hour stats in USD and ETH. The chart view has been improved and shows historical liquidity, volume and price across across a number of timeframes.

We now show a sortable and filterable list of of all transactions in the last 24 hours as well.

Buy any token using

Using a iFrame integration, you can now directly buy and sell any token from the exchange info page. If you are a hardcore DAI trader you might consider bookmarking this page for a one stop shop for data, analytics and trading. automatically shows all tokens on the Kwikswap protocol as long as there is at least 0.1 ETH in liquidity. This means it can be used to trade tokens that are not shown on the default list of We highly recommend you verify the address of any tokens traded.


The updated was built using data from The Graph. We’ve worked closely with The Graph team to upgrade the Kwikswap subgraph to support for better views, historical data and transactions. We’ve added historical data for kwikswap as a whole with daily volumes and liquidity over time.

If you are building a kwikswap data tool you may consider building off the new subgraph.

UI and UX polish

Along with a fresh coat of paint, we’ve updated the UI to better support denser data views and a consistent layout that flexes smoothly to a mobile view. All the prices denominated in ETH can now be swapped for USD with a toggle in the top right and we’ve cleaned up the units across the site.

The charts are now easier to read and have a tab view to switch between data and each token page will now extract a color from the token to apply a unique style.

Upcoming Features

We’ve got a lot planned for this site in the future…

  • Liquidity Provider specific pages and support

  • Data around holdings, ROI, etc

  • Data export (CSV)

  • Top LPs

  • Top performing pools

  • Live data for transactions and prices

  • More statistics, rankings, insights

  • Exchange health statistics

If you have any ideas for things you’d like to see that isn’t on this list we’d love to hear.

You can check out the repo on github if you’d like to explore how everything works.